Be kind and gentle with yourself as you grow and change.

That’s Right! The love I have for myself determines my ability to recognize and receive love from others

Most people treat those they love and respect with compassion. They offer supportive words, a hug when required and provide kindnesses to lift the spirit. But when the focus goes inward, the voice of criticism appears. We tend to be much harder on ourselves, subjecting the psyche to an endless diatribe of expectation, recriminations and judgment.

It’s time to see the sacredness in yourself, to honor the past that has brought you to this moment and to celebrate the strength and wisdom you have cultivated along the way. Choosing to see the perfection in the imperfection is a good place to begin. Make a point to observe your self talk and focus on being loving and supportive only. Do not allow corrosive  words to create patterns of limitation and lack. You are here to discover Oneness with all life and the unique energy you bring to the planet with your smile.

Today my intention is to nurture myself with kind words, conscious choices and supportive action.

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