This moment

This moment is the gateway to infinite possibility.

That’s Right! I honor the sacredness and mystery of life by bringing love and reverence to the Now

Whatever arises in this moment is exactly what is needed for your soul’s growth and development. Bring a sense of awareness to all that you do, seeking to observe the mind rather than becoming trapped by it.

The mind is conditioned to stay in reactive patterns and a habitual survival mode. Beneath this activity is the stillness of Presence, a timeless dimension of limitless possibility. The more you recognize your unconsciousness, the more conscious you are becoming.

Your life’s journey is an adventure – be aware of the miracles that unfold around you. This choice brings a sense of vibrancy and wonder into even the most mundane circumstances. This moment is the key to freedom.

The joy of being a spiritual being having a physical experience is expressed through our five senses. Take the time to look at life through the eyes of love. Listen without judgement to the sounds around you, but more importantly, listen to the silence beneath the sound. Touch something and feel the energy of the Divine flowing through it. Allow everything to be as it is.

Today my intention is to remember that everything and everyone is interconnected. I choose to create a space that is peaceful and filled with love.

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