Let your life be your message

Let your life be your message.

That’s Right! I choose to move joyously through each moment

Spiritual practice is about increasingly entering into love – not romantic love, but the frequency and expression of love which is the true nature of our being. Focusing on the journey rather than the destination allows us to simply enjoy the present moment as best we can. Learning how to appreciate both the highs and the lows, we discover we have the ability to choose joy again and again.

The goal is to live expansively. One can dance in the rain, laugh at themselves, celebrate the moment and still enjoy the depths of understanding and wisdom of the Divine. Abundance is a state of mind. Consistently live your truth and allow your life to be your message. Those who are ready will be inspired to access their own inner wealth and create the joy of life in their own experience.

The purpose of being human is to awaken to who we truly are. There is a great value in doing new things. The unfamiliar awakens our senses, sparks new awareness and allows us to cultivate new facets within our infinite nature. Live fearlessly and dance in the mystery and wonder of being alive.

Today my intention is bring a gentle awareness to the layers of my conditioning knowing that awareness dissolves the illusions that block me from the vastness of love.

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