Be led by joy

Allow your choices to be guided by joy rather than fear.

That’s Right! I am joyously exuberant and in harmony with all of life

The secret to success and happiness is being One With Life. To be One With Life means to be at peace with the present moment, accepting of whatever arises. The Divine lives through you. It experiences expansion of itself through your experiences. For this reason, it’s imperative to recognize the importance of allowing joy to be the driving force for each step of the journey.

Many people believe peaceful satisfaction is something that will be achieved in some distant future (i.e. when everything falls into place) and this one belief causes them to miss the deeper perfection that is inherent in life itself.

The joy of being cannot come to you through a person, possession, achievement or event. It rises from within and is a conscious choice to be made in each moment. Through enthusiasm you become aligned with the infinite potential of the creative energy of the universe. When the spark of passion is no longer needed for movement forward, the joy of being remains, unencumbered by thought or attachment.

Love what you choose to do. Enrich your own experience by allowing joy to guide you.

Today my intention is to remember that when I love myself, everything in my life works.

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