Embrace what is

Gratitude raises your vibration and creates a flow of magnificence in your experience.

That’s Right! I am willing to grow and change. Every moment provides a wonderful opportunity to discover all the magic that life has to offer

You can choose freedom from the past, from fear, desire or anxiety by consciously beginning your day with gratitude. Initially, the practice of being thankful may only include the things and people that bring joy and fulfillment into our lives. As the soul expands into higher levels of awareness, we discover the empowerment which comes from being grateful for the challenges and the growth they spark in our experience.

As the soul awakens even more, we learn to joyfully embrace the stillness of the present moment. Here, gratitude becomes an energy that is not based upon anything tangible. It is the drawing in of breath and honoring the space in which life is experienced.

Just be. Be the loving observer. Be the one whose only desire is to be kind. Scatter seeds of joy throughout every interaction and see what you can learn.

Today my intention is to participate in the dance of life by embracing what is.

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