The best we can do

You have always done the very best you can do based upon your level of consciousness, imprinting, soul age and life path… and so has everyone in your life.

That’s Right! I am now willing to see my own beauty and magnificence

A lot of unhappiness is created by internal dialog which begins with the word “should”. This implies a degree of backdoor judgment about past choices, what someone else is capable of doing or what you believe is or has been incorrect in your life experience.

Observe the thoughts that arise around the word should in your communication today. Purposely take a moment to change them into some form of acceptance, recognizing the perfection in the perceived imperfection. When we approach life with conscious acceptance of what is, we create a space in which something new can be experienced. As we learn more our behavior will reflect it. Life is a continuous process of growth and transformation.

Make the decision to limit using words like should, try, can’t, always or never from your vocabulary. Each is it’s own expression of limitation. Instead, know that you are right where you need to be, the events in your experience are perfect for the next stages of your soul’s growth and everyone is playing their role to perfection.

Today my intention is to speak words that are loving, supportive and constructive.

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