Balanced energy

Chakra Healing

Listen to your body.

“Begin difficult things
while they are easy.

Do great things
when they are small.

The difficult things of the world
must have once been small…

A thousand mile journey
begins with
one step.”

~from The Simple Way by Lao Tzu~

You are an infinite spiritual being having a temporary human experience. There are seven layers of energy around you, each connected to a corresponding chakra. When an imbalance occurs, the body begins sending messages to help you become aware so that the issue can be addressed.

Everything is a message. Periodically take a moment to tune into the body and listen. Things occurring on the left side are connected to women, feminine energy and receptivity, while the right side is impacted by male energy, men and the what we give out to others. Awareness allows you to address issues while they are small.

In this quick paced world, people tend to medicate, ignore, multi-task and push the body until illness forces a slow down in order to balance and re-charge. Love yourself enough to put yourself first. Slow down, breathe, meditate and commune with the Divine in a way that heals your soul. Then, take your beautiful energy out into the world.
Today my intention is to lovingly allow joy to flow through my mind and body and experience.
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