Be willing to receive

Be open to new ideas and perceptions.

“The most powerful way to successfully face physical and emotional problems is to undergo a sacred initiation that leads to the death of your old self, to rebirth, and to your illumination.”
~Alberto Villoldo~

Each of us undergoes a series of awakenings and shifts in consciousness that are part of our spiritual development. The wisdom of these differing levels blends together as we continue our journey of enlightenment. When beliefs crystallize, we block this movement of growth and life will often present a shake up in order to get the energy moving again.

Growth is always possible. The spiritual master seeks new insights when things are flowing well rather than waiting for a challenge to prompt the search for healing and answers. This willingness to learn allows us to evolve without needing emotional suffering in order to do so.

When you share with others, the act of articulating ideas and higher perceptions further clarifies spiritual concepts. Living your truth becomes a natural way of being and teaches Oneness with life. Choose to be a visionary as you explore the realm of the infinite.

Today my intention is to remember that every moment is an opportunity to awaken to my true divine nature. 
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