Tranquility and happiness

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Happiness comes from within.

“The more we practice with our own struggles and relate to them as our vehicle to awakening, the less we will judge our struggles as defects. Likewise in relationships; the more we can remember that others also have the wish to learn from their struggles, the less we will judge others as defective when we see them caught in their distress.”

~Ezra Bayda~

When you move from judgment to compassion, a sense of peacefulness enters your experience. Observe how often feelings of discontent or anger are tied to judgment or opinions and you’ll quickly discover that the prison of frustration is of your own making. With this in mind, know that you have the power to create peace and grace in your experience. Re-frame the situation utilizing the filter of compassion, honor the moment as a teacher and embrace the joy that is your birthright.

Awakening is a process. Each spark of awareness leads to another and each moment provides a new opportunity to love. Smile upon life. Appreciate your infinite beauty and potential and it will be easier to recognize the beauty and potential around you. The world needs more kindness.
Today my intention is to bring a quiet acceptance to the present moment.


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