Consciousness is beyond mind and body. It is eternal and is expressing itself through you – here and now.

That’s Right! My loving heart helps to create a world where it is safe to love one another

There are many who are still unconscious. They sleep deep within the grip of illusion and struggle to find meaning in their lives. You have chosen to be born at this time for a specific purpose and play an integral part in the awakening of our collective consciousness.

Bring your loving awareness to each moment in the best way you can. This may be as subtle as being a quiet source of Presence or filled with conscious action inspired by your present circumstances.

When you are balanced, purposeful and empowered, your actions (or inaction) will have greater impact. Awareness provides a space in which a transformation can occur. Trust the processes of your awakening.

Today my intention is to create peacefulness in my mind and trust my inner wisdom. All that I need is already within me.

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