Begin now

No matter what you wish to achieve, nothing is more important that the step you take today

That’s Right! Every bridge I cross brings me to a higher level of fulfillment 

Procrastination is the ego’s way of blocking the momentum of your life. It keeps happiness just out of reach in some distant future and provides endless fodder for self-judgment.

In order to become an empowered co-creator, you must realize that you are worthy of receiving all the beauty that life has to offer. Your thoughts create the foundation for what you draw into your experience. Begin by replacing “I should” with “if I wanted to, I could…” and notice what desires are strong enough to generate that first step toward liberation.

Everything that you need is already within you. Once you change your thoughts to reflect your worthiness and drop the mental conditioning of procrastination, self-love will propel you to take one conscious step forward. Accept yourself as you are and take full responsibility for your life. Choose not to accept guilt or negative self talk as a way of being and understand the importance of balance in mind, body and spirit.

Today my intention is to walk forward knowing that I am guided, supported and loved each and every step of the way. I consciously make choices that support my growth and well-being.

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