Inner mastery requires ruthless honesty with oneself.

That’s Right! l choose to accept and embrace the Now. This leads me to greater peace and joy

Spiritual seekers understand the difference between the desire for power and the desire for mastery. Mastery is an inner state of understanding and empowerment, grounded in wisdom and compassion. As you awaken, every word and gesture will reflect this enlightened state of being.

Together we create an energy field that supports one another. We become the loving reflection which shows those who grace our lives his or her own light. There is no way to teach this truth. It is a conscious transmission of energy that creates a synchronicity between souls and awakens inner mastery.

Mastery can only be discovered in the present moment. It is not something one can work toward and someday achieve. Begin with small things. Become the master of your choices today – how you respond to life, how you choose to treat your body, how you interact with others. Practice mastery in the Now until it is your normal state of being.

Today my intention is to allow change to occur without resistance or fear. I am free to choose thoughts of joy.        mastery10

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