Transformation begins within

Whenever you wish to change something in your experience, begin within.

That’s Right! Peace begins with me. I am willing to release old ways of being and step into the flow of pure potential 

As you embody higher levels of consciousness, you will discover your ability to transform any situation by creating balance in your own life. Rather than living in judgment, you recognize that all things play an integral part in the whole of existence. What affects one, affects all. Armed with this wisdom, your energy brings new light and experience to every situation in which you find yourself.

Share your gifts. Discover the freedom and expansiveness that comes from opening your heart to others. Something as simple as sharing your time with a friend or being vulnerable and expressing love to another can sow the seeds of transformation.

Moment by moment, leave the past behind. Purity, innocence and trust allow you to live in harmony with life. You have the support of the Universe and it is absolutely safe to step into the unknown – adventures await!

Today my intention is to remember that this moment presents me an opportunity to become more aligned with my true nature.

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