Awakening from the dream

Anger is the result of an ego that remains unchecked.
That’s Right! I am conscious of the thoughts I allow to play in my mind.     
Consciousness, or the lack of it, determines one’s response to the events of life. Pay attention to the many different experiences you observe people choosing to have during the course of a day. You’ll discover that life is merely a projection of each person’s beliefs, judgments, expectation and desires. Typically, they will share their perception (often repeatedly) looking for those who will validate it.

As a spiritual seeker, it’s even more important to take the time to turn your attention inward. Observe your own thoughts and responses and notice when the ego attaches to a particular story. As soon as you recognize something that replays and causes discomfort, purposely ask if you are viewing the situation from the highest vibration possible. Then choose to shift your thoughts in a way that creates peace in your experience.

This gentle process of observation, ownership and conscious choices will create a flow of understanding that is beyond the traditional movement of the ego. Through consciousness itself, you will begin to awaken from the world of thought into the joy of being.

Today my intention is to open my consciousness to the expansion of life. I am willing to grow and change.

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