The light of consciousness

The light of consciousness transforms every situation.
That’s Right!  I am willing to see clearly   
The paradox of human nature is that life provides ample opportunity to experience a situation from multiple levels of awareness. Spiritual seekers discover that all perceptions are simultaneously accurate and understand the transforming power of the light of consciousness.

Rather than fighting for a particular viewpoint, utilize your energy by purposely assisting in the collective awakening of which we are all a part. The truth will make itself known in the perfect way at the perfect time and it’s important to honor each path and perception as sacred. Conflict only strengthens the ego while acceptance creates a space in which a transformation can occur.

You have the ability to be a reflection of the light of the Divine. When you live aligned with your soul’s purpose, joy naturally emanates through you, changing the energy of any circumstance in which you may find yourself. Channel this empowering energy by simply being true to your own path.

Today my intention is to embrace this moment as sacred. I choose to be an authentic example of love, light and laughter.

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