Bringing grace to chaos

Empowerment is walking a path of peace regardless of what life presents along the way
That’s Right! I can be the change I wish to see in the world   
We are deeply connected to one another. The awakened spiritual seeker understands the need to take responsibility for his or her state of consciousness in the present moment. It’s important to live aligned with your truth and recognize your power as a co-creator for nothing is more important that your joy.

Anyone can meditate in a place of sanctuary – feeling bliss, peace, balance and a deep connection with the Divine. It’s a bit more challenging to take that beautiful energy with you out into a world which consists of varying degrees of consciousness, but it is desperately needed. Let your life be a walking meditation and allow your light to shine through the darkness.

When you choose to take full responsibility for every aspect of your life, you participate in your own awakening and accelerate the process. All that you need to know will be revealed to you at the perfect time.

Today my intention is to be compassionate and understanding. My desire is to create a space where it is safe to love one another.

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