All that I need is already here…

For the awakened and liberated soul, there are no enemies… no walls, no limitation, no fear – only love and the myriad ways that it can be expressed. Each of us is a work in progress and there are times that we feel and live our divine connection and others where we recognize there is more to learn. That’s it – there is no judgment regarding how quickly (or not) we evolve, no recriminations about perceived imperfection except those we create within ourselves.

Love yourself enough to be gentle with yourself throughout the process of your awakening. Celebrate your breakthroughs and simply choose to be the observer, cultivating clarity. In awareness,we see the constant ebb and flow of life. All earthly things come and go; however, consciousness is eternal and unchanging.

You have the opportunity to experience life more aware and open than ever before. Spiritual awakening is a process of continuous growth and this moment is a gift – how will you choose to use it?

As our primary teacher, the ego works very subtly to stall this progress. It creates doubt, confusion or busyness so that we forget to take the time to meditate, rebalance and remember our divinity. The ego keeps us engaged in the illusion by creating desires that are never fulfilled – once one is achieved, another immediately takes it place.

Patterns repeat themselves mindlessly until we become mindful. In awareness, we engage life from a higher perception and see more than ever before… and on it goes.

Today my intention is to expand, rejoice, celebrate and see the possibilities.

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