How trust releases limitation

There is a tremendous amount of exhilaration to be experienced when embarking into the unknown. Infinite possibilities await when we choose to walk forward in faith in spite of any fear or trepidation. Trust isn’t about planning for every contingency and then progressing only when it’s safe – it’s the free fall that opens our hearts and minds and  allows something immense to open within our lives.

In the space of infinite possibility, nothing can be taken from you. When we hold no cherished outcomes, we stop limiting the experience with our expectations and instead discover the authentic treasures which reside within the present moment. The ordinary becomes the extraordinary when there is no mind to hinder pure receptivity.

Living aligned with the flow of energy around us creates a space of perfect harmony with life itself. This awakens a heart filled with gratitude for whatever life brings without egoic expectations or demands. We simply become receptive and see any apparent obstacles as opportunities to shine. The walls between us dissolve and compassion becomes the natural way of expressing our joy.

There is an art to being free-flowing and receptive without becoming passive or apathetic. In every moment we have the choice to resist or accept. Purposely cultivate trust more and more while remembering that all things unfold perfectly. Seek joy within and it will be expressed in the world around you.

Today my intention is to go with the flow.

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