Living in harmony with the Now

To live in harmony with the Now is to ride the waves of energy which flow through your life in a state of Oneness and of Wholeness. The mind constantly seeks to pull you into the memories of the past or the expectations of the future as if they are reality. There is nothing but this moment – the Now. When we live in the world through our experience rather than through the stories of the mind, we become attuned to the Divine. In harmony, all of existence will rejoice with you and you will be able to recognize and receive the blessings which are available for you.

The key to create inner joy is to live in acceptance, contented with whatever life brings. From this space, anything that you choose to do will have great power and momentum. Either one lives with desire or in gratitude. One who resides in a state of desire is never happy with what is – he or she becomes frustrated, complaining, blaming others or life itself for perceived shortcomings. The Now is never quite enough and their energy is used to strive for some better, more fulfilling moment.

Know this – your soul is always in the process of awakening. It will naturally draw in the perfect situations and circumstances to fulfill its purpose. Are you able to view those who oppose you as your healing angels? Their job is to aid you on this journey. In gratitude, we discover ways to shift our perception and create freedom from anger and resentment. When you are completely present, your life will have a new quality to it… one that is your divine right to embrace.

Today my intention is to slow down and be, sending love and gratitude throughout my life in any way I can.

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