Act with integrity. Do your best. Accept what is.

Act with integrity. Do your best. Accept what is.
That’s right! I release all control to the universe. I am at peace with myself and with life

Fear compels us to close down and become defensive while the heart calls us to open up and connect. The power of balance is demonstrated when we approach our challenges with faith in the process of our awakening. The spiritual seeker longs to live an empowered life and the only way to accomplish that is through practice.

No matter what you seek as you evolve, life will present an opportunity to cultivate the skills you require in order to move forward. It is always safe to bring a peaceful state of consciousness to the present moment.

Even if your current experience is one of chaotic change, you have the ability to create a sacred space within the movement of transformation. It begins with knowing yourself and honoring your own journey. In this manner you find stillness in the Now.

Today, my intention is to free myself and everyone else in my life from the limitation of expectation. I live in harmony with my environment

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