Achieve mastery by letting go

Drop all labels and possessiveness.
That’s right! True mastery can be experienced by allowing things to unfold 

Part of the ego’s job is to create attachment. This can manifest in our view of ourselves – through titles, labels, degrees or achievements – or by what we own. It’s wonderful to enjoy all the aspects of life, to have goals and discover the joy to be found in manifestation and creation; however, it’s also easy to get lost in them and temporarily lose sight of our soul’s true purpose.Knowledge is acquiring. Wisdom is releasing. This moment is an opportunity to be in harmony with life and our attachments often become self-made prisons. As you simplify, you’ll experience the freedom and mastery.

Joy and fulfillment come from within. Be with the world rather than seeking to possess it. All that awaits is everything… when we drop the limitation of labels and desire, we enter the realm of infinite possibility.

Today, my intention is to live simply. All that I need is already here.

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