The beauty of contrast

That’s right! I bring an unprotected heart to our meeting place

Life is a tapestry of dark and light, made even more beautiful by the contrast and creative way it unfolds. To dance in the light of love is to honor whatever arises in the present moment and greet it with open arms.

The desire to heal (both ourselves, others and the planet) and to share the knowledge we’ve acquired expands our ability to cultivate compassion for one another. We have a unique opportunity to discover the dreams and attributes which we have in common and weave them into an exquisite work of art.

Whatever is experienced in the field of Now is simply that which is required for your growth. Observe the flow of life, your response to it and how you process this information. As you evolve, you’ll bring this sense of awareness and balance into each and every moment.

Today, my intention is to honor each step of my awakening as sacred.

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