When we insist that others accept us as we are, we are not accepting them as they are.

That’s Right! I can be the change I wish to see in the world

Each of us is responsible for our own state of consciousness. When we witness dysfunction or drama in the world around us, it’s a reminder to look within for any imbalance that we may carry. Anytime we project an opinion or blame, the ego is distracting our ability to see clearly.

Oneness calls upon us to remember that we are all here to awaken. If you observe unconsciousness, help those around you by being a loving example. Act without expectation or attachment and plant seeds of healing with each interaction.

What you fight, you strengthen. Therefore, flow like water. Listen. Drop any defenses. Act with integrity. These choices provide the possibility of awakening rather than becoming mired in any negativity that may be thrown your way. Be love and create the space in which a transformation can occur.
Today my intention is to honor all paths as sacred.


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