Live without limitation

As an infinite being, your role is to discover any limiting beliefs and learn to see through them into the realm of infinite possibility.

That’s Right! I choose to rise above perceived limitation

Your life is filled with enchantment and mystery. Often, what is presented on the physical plane is actually the opposite of what is occurring on the spiritual plane. Speeding from one place to the next teaches patience, lack creates a recognition of abundance, health challenges lead to healthy lifestyle changes, and the list continues into infinity… We learn from contrast.

When you choose to seek the gift in a situation, it guarantees that you will find it. The willingness to open to new perception is the gateway to a life that is joyful and fulfilling. Bring that sense of trust and willingness into all of your life situations and you will discover that interesting things begin to happen.

You are a child of the Universe and therefore connected to everything around you. What you believe is reflected in your experience of life. It’s wonderful to remember that those “aha!” moments that shift your perception have an immediate impact upon your energy and your beliefs. You’ll begin seeing things differently immediately and once you open the doors of perception, anything can happen.
Today my intention is to remember that there are always new levels to explore.

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