Why add to the world’s chaos?

That’s Right! Nothing is more important than my state of consciousness in this moment

It’s time to step out of thousands of years of human conditioning by rediscovering stillness. Listen to the silence that is around you – this will move you into a state of greater awareness. In awareness, we begin to connect with life on a deeper level.

External noise, mental noise and emotional turbulence can block the voice of your inner wisdom. But even in those moments, you can still access the stillness that resides in the background of your life. When you can slow down and step into that energy, you create a sense of peace in your experience. Let that stillness direct your interactions.

Don’t take your thoughts too seriously. Visualize the ego-mind as a stooge who clamors for your attention and recognize that you are far more than the content of your thoughts.

Wherever you are, be there completely. Immerse yourself within the task at hand and pay attention to the experience itself. Every cell in your body is filled with Divine intelligence. The infinite source of life itself seeks to express itself through you.
Today my intention is to remember that awareness leads to transformation and freedom.

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