A conscious journey

Each moment is a new beginning.

That’s right! The Universe supports my journey of awakening. 

Growth and change may involve endings as part of the cycle of new beginnings and transformation. We must be willing to let go of what we have outgrown, honor the passage through the unknown and create peacefulness in our experience each step of the way.

When you choose to relate to life from the expansive mind of the Divine (rather than through the limitation of ego), it becomes possible to walk in spacial awareness in the present moment. Here we can choose to simply be at peace, stepping out of conflict and into communion.

There is no future, only this beautiful moment exists. No matter what twists and turns you’ve experienced on the journey so far or what stories you’ve lived, you can step into empowerment Now.

Spiritual practice is about consciously choosing to enter into love – not romantic love, but the deep and empowering love that is the true nature of your being. From this space of awareness each step brings the joy of relating to life with a open heart.

Today, my intention is to remember that real joy is often just a quiet presence in the moment.

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