Life is your reflection

Don’t become too lost in appearances… they change as you change.

That’s right! My world is a reflection of my thoughts and beliefs   

What you react most strongly to in another is a reflection of your own shadow. We created this world (and everything in it) to act as a mirror for the purpose of discovery and evolution. With this in mind, pay attention to those who trigger anger or frustration in your experience. Whether through a personal interaction or witnessing the actions of someone on the world stage, everyone is playing an important role in your awakening.

Should you find yourself getting triggered, observe the words you use to justify your position about the person or situation. Therein lies the clue to what your soul is ready to see. The things we desire to clear – arrogance, impatience, stubbornness, martyrdom, greed, anger, judgment – show up again and again in our experience until we recognize them within ourselves.

When you take responsibility for your own joy, the inner work begins. Release the need to be reactive (it is a distraction), the need to share the story with another (the ego is seeking to strengthen it’s position) and simply own your own stuff. When you find yourself becoming more neutral (or even amused) in the face of a similar situation, it’s an indicator that you have healed that energy within yourself.

Today, my intention is to choose joy.

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