The awakened ones…

The awakened spirit carries sacred space throughout every step of the journey.

That’s right! Every situation provides another opportunity to discover who I truly am 

Walk peacefully. Live consciously. Speak with kindness. Through the changes and turmoil you encounter, choose to be a source of grace and balance for those around you. These are powerful skills we cultivate on the path of awakening.

Anytime you approach the present moment with humility and awareness, you create a space in which a transformation can occur.

“Liberation from fear is not about becoming fearless; it’s about seeing that fear is not the deepest truth about who we are.” ~ Ezra Bayda

The practice of peace is an ongoing process and one that can only be cultivated through application. As you change, the world around you is transformed.

Today, my intention is to bring the best version of myself to this moment.

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