The Divine is within

You are a spark of the Divine seeking to rediscover itself through the experience of being human

That’s right! I am a loving witness to the sacredness of all things 

One of the greatest tools the ego utilizes is to cause doubt in oneself. The thought of “I can’t” ceases all movement forward and creates inner blockages. From “I don’t deserve to be happy” comes the inability to see all the beauty that is inherent in the present moment. “I’m unworthy” will cause someone to reject gifts when they arrive.

You are a master in the process of awakening. Failures should be expected – they help to point us in the right direction. Take a moment to honor the beauty of your soul. See past the stories and roles that you play in this lifetime and open your heart to the infinite source of all life that breathes through you.

When we sit in meditation, gratitude, prayer or awareness, we learn to sense the space in which all things occur. That expansive stillness, the light of the Divine comes from within you and whatever you seek, you will surely find.

Today, my intention is to be open to life. Whatever unfolds is the perfect experience for my soul’s awakening.

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