Living within paradox

Don’t try to change, simply be aware… awareness heals. Spiritual practice is often a blend of paradox – confusion and clarity, separation and wholeness, detachment and presence. The word paradox itself comes from the Greek para dokien which means beyond thought. See yourself as a physical expression of the Divine who wishes to experience life in all it’s forms. Allow yourself to look through the illusion yet act consciously within the present moment. Eventually the illusion will become easier to see through as we remember our true nature and mission. We are one and on a journey of wholeness.

So many suffer, lost within the “why’s” and entrapped by the mind. The same energy, knowledge and peace discovered by all the masters who have walked the Path of Transformation awaits you within the openness of your own heart. For all our searching, the answers lie within.

It can take great courage to learn to trust your inner wisdom. Teachers, circumstances and guides are all there to point to the inner awareness, but until one is willing to see, there it waits. Trust yourself, be gentle with yourself and open to the potential that joy brings. No matter what teachings you encounter, trust your own divine nature in order to align with your truth and integrity. Give yourself permission to live consciously within the paradox, without dissecting or analyzing it.

Our household recently lost a furry loved one. My patient and loving kitty, Jacques, died in a mysterious way and within the surprise and sadness of losing a wonderful friend, I found myself flowing quickly to acceptance instead of getting lost within the why. Conscious spiritual practice allows the events we experience to simply be a celebration. We learn to live joyfully within the paradox and celebrate the years of closeness – all the while grateful for the love, lessons, laughter and the purr sessions.

Today my intention is to trust myself spiritually more than ever before, to honor the processes of my awakening and take one more conscious step forward.

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