The integration of wisdom

This lifetime is the culmination of all the experience and knowledge you have gathered so far throughout your incarnations on this planet. The higher self likes to integrate the wisdom it has accumulated and thus you will attract the teachers and circumstances which allow you to do so. You may feel drawn to the teachings of different time periods or find familiarity in the rituals and traditions of other cultures.

Be patient, open and trusting within these aspects of your journey. With integration, you may also find that other things no longer serve your awakening. This time of spiritual growth will allow you to discover strengths and knowledge lifetimes in the making.

Our sojourn here is a continuing exploration into the expansion of the heart chakra – expansion which leads to greater compassion, more peace and infinite possibilities. Ultimately, it is up to you to trust the process of your awakening – to honor, forgive, accept and love all that you have ever been.

One of my favorite ways to nurture the seeds of growth is to light a candle. Sit a few moments contemplating the flame, perhaps even losing yourself in the flickering light. Then, draw the energy from the flame into your heart chakra and visualize your soul light expanding outward. Touch the world in love and send light to those who have walked the journey with you.

Today my intention is to integrate the wisdom which is ready to be expressed within my life. I celebrate the dance of awakening.

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