Patterns of distraction

We all fall prey to patterns of distraction. Different from karmic lessons or challenges, patterns of distraction keep us firmly immersed within the “known” even when we are working to create transformation within our lives and experience.

When we desire to create healthy and positive change, old programming kicks in. The mind prefers comfort instead of change and we find ourselves falling into old behaviors, procrastinating or talking about the changes we are “trying” to make.

Awareness is the first step of transformation. Observe, notice and immediately shift your energy into a more constructive direction. Remember, integrity is first and foremost being completely authentic with yourself. All else will follow.

One way to focus your intention and energy is to utilize candle magic. Not magic at all, but a playful way to align yourself with the liberating act of inner transformation. Get creative. State your intention and carve it into the candle. Write a letter to the Divine or write a letter of love to yourself. Ask for assistance with the intention of creating ease and joy within your life experience (remember, the mind loves to tell you how hard change is!) and choose to release the struggle.

Basic color meanings:

  • Red – courage, strength, passion, money
  • Orange – joy attraction, creativity, energy
  • Yellow – communication, clarity of intent, personal power
  • Green – healing, money, relationships, opening the heart
  • Blue – communication, flow and harmony, peace
  • Indigo – psychic abilities, abundance, spiritual connection
  • Lavender – higher knowledge, intuition, happiness
  • White – purity, clarity, healing, spirituality

You can create the life of your dreams. Begin now. Take one consciousness step at a time and celebrate your successes instead of feeding energy into old patterns of distraction or self recrimination. The change will come – awakening is a process that flows through your life in myriad ways bringing you ever closer to love.

Today my intention is to focus my thoughts and attention on healthy ways of being… ever grateful and joyful for the opportunity to serve.

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