Sammasati:  Remember

It is said that the last word said by the Buddha was “Sammasati.” There’s something beautiful about the reminder that what we seek lies within us. Remember – not discover, change, achieve… just remember. All aspects of spiritual awakening lie within that one word.

Perhaps that’s the reason that every journey is so unique. We all walk our own Path of Transformation until that flash of illumination occurs and our perception shifts. Awakening comes from rising above the mechanisms of the mind and illusion, not from mastering a list of goals and achievements (although, they are often the verhicles used to awaken to our divinity and potential).

Spend some time going within. Recognize the perfection in your journey, taste silence, merge with the energy of the planet and remember what has been forgotten – Sammasati.

There is an endless supply of energy, love, joy, peace and bliss available for you. How then, do we encounter the frustration of lack? As with any challenge, see any perceived limitations as a blessing. They serve to remind how easy it can be to lose sight of our inner consciousness. We develop compassion for those who stumble in the darkness. Whether you feel blocked because you need to balance your energy or whether you are preparing for a breakthrough, take the time to nurture yourself. Then the limitation will have served it’s purpose and will dissipate.

Ask yourself if you feel balanced in mind, body and spirit. If not, which area of your life requires loving attention? Just becoming aware of your experience is not enough, take the steps required to bring yourself back into balance. Seek joy, remember the voice of your heart and the and then allow yourself to receive the grace which longs to be experienced.

Today my intention is to create the space in which a transformation can occur, to remember  my purpose and to share my light.


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