Every situation and circumstance has something to teach.
That’s Right! All things work towards my highest good
Our wounds create the desire for change. We begin to search for answers, both within and without, and the desire for healing opens the possibility of new perception.
When feelings of imbalance rise to the surface, when you’re offended by someone’s words, feeling judged or misunderstood – begin with the premise that the situation is a gift. From that state of consciousness, observe any stories which begin to play in the mind. Seek to understand the repeating patterns of your life. Be ruthlessly honest with yourself and step into the realm of transformation without recrimination.
Honor the emotions which arise. Pain can be a wonderful teacher – it challenges the status quo and shakes the foundation of outmoded thoughts and beliefs. Our wounds create an opening for healing, growth and new levels of awakening.
Today my intention is to honor the processes of my growth. All that I need is already here.
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