Be the change you wish to see

Consider the thought that you may have specifically chosen to be born to be here in this place, at this time, in order to bring light to those who are lost in the dark.
That’s Right! I can be the change I wish to see in the world
Why here? Why now? Know that you had your reasons and knew exactly what you were doing. Instead of getting lost in the “whys”, explore the vast possibilities within the question, “How can I bring peace to this situation?”
No matter what is occurring, we have the opportunity to be reactive or mindful. By approaching life with conscious intent, you will bring the best or yourself to the present moment.
Every situation has something to teach. Young souls are learning about power and control, mature souls are working within family or community dynamics and old souls are teaching by example. The same circumstance can offer layers of lessons for everyone involved. Your unique gifts can be a light that shines in the darkness.
Today my intention is to trust the processes of life. I can choose to seek the gift in each situation.
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