All change begins within

Choose to create a space in which transformation can occur.
That’s Right! Knowing that my thoughts become things, I choose to be positive and joyful
Success doesn’t happen without intention. The movement of change begins with a thought, and then another and another, until our intentions are reflected in our daily actions and decisions.
Positive, powerful transformation waits for each of us. No matter what you wish to change in your life, realize that it begins with you. Consistent conscious actions create new ways of approaching daily life and in doing so, there is no way that things can remain the same for long…
Sometimes the changes can be subtle, other times everything shifts at once. Either way, whatever unfolds is the most appropriate for your soul’s growth. Dance within the movement of your awakening knowing that the best is yet to come.
Today my intention is to support myself with loving, empowered and expansive thoughts. I am willing to allow changes to flow throughout my experience.
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