Your beliefs are the law of your life

That’s Right! I am open to new ideas That’s Right! Our infinite universe contains limitless possibilities That’s Right! I enter into the joy of conscious union with the Divine That’s Right! Life is open to me, rich full and abundant That’s Right! I am free from the limitation of doubt Your beliefs set the stage […]

There is never a wrong time

It is the right time to be your authentic self. The sharing of your gifts can come through your work, relationships and ordinary, everyday occurrences. There’s no need to plan, simply be true to the guidance of your heart. When you discover the light of the Divine within you, it transforms everything. Even death becomes […]

Observation, awareness and transformation

As we change, the world around us is transformed. When we seek the Divine within our circumstances, it will surely be recognized. The dramatic shift in vibration shifts our relationship to the present moment and the result is nothing short of miraculous. Imagine a life filled with acceptance, delighting in the Now, comfortable with the […]

Keep things simple

Mindfulness means keeping things simple. We consciously align ourselves in the present moment by slowing down, focusing on the task at hand and quieting the mind. In a world over-inundated with the proposed joys of multitasking, provide yourself a respite. Spend a few minutes each day breathing consciously. Notice the rhythms of the body, the […]

Expect miraculous changes

The Path of Transformation is a journey of constant flow and change. we continually release old layers of restrictive energy and they are washed away by love. As you expand your perception and choose to be released from the bonds and chains of the past, expect miraculous changes. Sometimes the shifts are subtle, and at […]

Relationships as spritual practice

Spiritual practice is about entering into love – not personal love or meeting the one, but being love. Our relationships play a powerful part in our spiritual awakening. They show us the unhealed aspects of the personality and motivate us in our search for joy. Karmic agreements are typically set up as opposing forces – […]

Take responsibility for your own joy

Blaming is a defense mechanism. When we allow the ego to replay a particular story, it becomes our perception of truth and distracts us from addressing the core of our pain where it truly resides – within us. The spiritual seeker takes full responsibility for their own consciousness and when we release the need for […]

Nurture the seeds of awakening

It’s time to think big. What do you want to create in your life? Many times we set ourselves up with limitation from the onset when implementing new plans and desires. We say that we seek Wholeness and then simultaneously sabotage our awakening by thinking that freedom and peace are something that will be attained […]

How we weave the future golden

The Divine wishes to support you in living your heart’s truth. Unseen angels, spirit guides, healing masters and helpers celebrate your awakening and conspire to bring you everything that you need in order to live a life of joy. Worthiness, or the lack of it, determines whether or not we will accept these gifts or […]

Sharing without expectation

Authentic communication helps us to be more open-minded, tolerant and compassionate. It’s important to share our wisdom and experience without expectation. Within the concept that all paths are sacred, we can turn to one another for new perceptions and seek to expand our own experience by discovering true Wholeness within the contrasts of our life […]