“There’s no mystery to integrity. There’s no mystery to oneness. When there is a core-splitting honesty, right there, awareness knows.”
~John de Ruiter~

Throughout the exploration into higher consciousness we discover that there are many paths to wholeness. This beautiful playground of experience offers unlimited possibilities and it can be easy to become lost in the illusion of separation.

The goal is to rise above the mechanisms of the mind in order to recognize our inter-connectedness. From this expanded place of awareness, our souls can touch one another knowing that love resides at the core of every experience.

Cultivate the ability to recognize the sacredness in the present moment. Meditate, chant, pray, express gratitude or use conscious breath to deeply align yourself within the Now. Sense the sacred energy of the Divine flowing through you and ultimately you’ll see it reflected in everything and everyone you see.

With consistent practice, this will become your new way of walking in the world. We can demonstrate what love looks like in human form.

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