“Balance is not something you find, it’s something you create.”
~Jana Kingsford~
The way to create balance in your life is to consciously seek it in all that you choose to do. Fill your home with beauty and music and love. Celebrate your friendships. Surround yourself with things that delight you and periodically take moments to simply appreciate where you are. Whatever you choose to do, be completely present. Work and play are equally important for your state of well-being.
Life is a reflection of your inner balance. How do you handle challenges, joyful experiences, disappointments or motivate yourself to expand? When you pay attention, everything in your experience becomes a teacher.

No matter what the situation, seek to become consistently aware of your state of consciousness. There may be recurring patterns that are trying to get your attention. Everything which unfolds in your life has one purpose – to facilitate your awakening – and even the smallest of interactions are filled with infinite meaning and possibility.

Nothing is more important than your joy in the present moment. Make yourself a priority and explore various ways to keep yourself balanced. This will positively affect every relationship and interaction that you have.

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