Be Led By Love

“This journey of life, as a human being, is challenging. Every challenge can be met and handled with effortless ease when we are directly connected to the light of our Higher Self. When we choose to build a good relationship with our heart and align ourselves with our power, we see all things from a higher perspective.”
~Premlatha Rajkumar~
Be led by love. When you choose to live with an open heart, you set the stage for the miraculous to unfold. Conversely, when led by fear, the realms of infinite possibility are blocked because the unwillingness to explore limits our experience. Conscious risk taking teaches us to walk forward into the unknown full of optimistic expectation… and even when challenges arise, our first inclination is trust rather than closure.
You can activate a higher level of consciousness by becoming aware of limiting thoughts as they arise. Awareness opens a vast realm of intelligence that exists beyond thought. Love is deeply rooted within the present moment, and in awareness we come to realize that all the things that truly matter – our passion for life, beauty, love, creativity, joy, inner peace – arise from beyond the mind. As we awaken, it becomes easier to merge with the conscious and loving presence of the Divine.
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