Your soul’s purpose

There is much more to life than meets the eye.

That’s Right! All things work towards my highest good
No matter how life presents itself, there is a purpose behind every situation and circumstance. Everything that comes into our experience is there for one purpose – to help us to awaken.
Challenges, joys, frustrations and breakthroughs are all part of the same dance. The mind will attach stories and judgments to the present moment, creating a sense of peace or helplessness based upon the interpretation we choose to accept.
The awakened soul has the ability to see through the mechanisms of the ego. Seeing through the ordinary to what is possible allows us to transform anything into bliss. Loss becomes an opening. Fear becomes strength. Misery dissipates and our lives are transformed. This is a process that can only be understood and mastered through experience. Celebrate your journey and seek your next level of awakening with an open heart.

Today my intention is to release all control to the Divine. I transform every experience into an opportunity.

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