Your inner light

Do you ever forget that you are a magnificent, abundant, infinite being of light playing a game of discovery…?

“I am empowered and confident. I hold my head up high.”
~Louise Hay~

The game we play is not about winning. It is learning how to consistently bring clarity and insight to the present moment. Rather than blindly responding to the events of life, we discover they are purposeful, a constantly evolving and unfolding of opportunities meant to facilitate soul growth and understanding.

The most important aspect of awakening is personal responsibility. Seek to bring mastery to all that you do. Watch how you choose to interact with others. Pay attention to how you choose to experience the present moment. Look at yourself without judgment or condemnation.

There is only consciousness or unconsciousness. One brings peace, the other conflict. As your inner light begins to express itself through the various events you experience, realize that nothing can ever dim the infinite beauty of the Divine. It seeks only to experience the present moment through you, for you bring something beautiful to the world that perfectly completes this intricate tapestry we call life.

Today my intention is to breathe life into my vision and create the world I desire.
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