Stepping into the unknown

The only things we truly know are the ones we have learned from conscious living.

“Every person, place and thing on this planet is interconnected with love. I am at home in the Universe.”
~Louise Hay~

Spiritual awakening requires the willingness to step into the unknown. When you stop playing it safe and move beyond the edge of previous experience, your energy expands. Saying “Yes” to life, welcoming it all – even the moments of discomfort or challenge – allows you to cultivate new aspect of your own strength.

As an infinite being, there is always something new for you to discover. This is the path of lasting joy. Imagine a life of mystery and enchantment… it is there waiting for you in the midst of the chaos of human experience.

When you rise above a challenge, it changes you. Suddenly things become more clear and wisdom awakens from within. Don’t wait for your life to be perfect before you choose to feel happy and fulfilled. Open fully to what is. Use it. Embrace it. Live in real engagement with the world around you.

“The willingness to simply rest in the physical experience of your life is the key to spiritual transformation.”
~Ezra Bayda~

Today my intention is to move beyond limited human-mind thinking and align myself with the infinite Divine Mind, where all things are possible.
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