Your inner light

Express yourself.

“I breathe life into my vision and create the world I desire.”
~ Louise Hay ~
You are the master of your experience. Seek to cultivate inner balance and peace in order to see it reflected in your life. If you find yourself met with resistance, irritability or miscommunications, remember that all of life is a reflection of your inner state of consciousness. Use these moments of insight to tend your inner light. The goal is to learn how to stay balanced in the midst of whatever life has to offer.

“What you create does not matter, but it should enhance life, beautify existence, make living more joyous, the song a little more juicy, the love a little more glorious.”

See yourself as a conscious creator. Pay attention to what you are sending out into the Universe. Your thoughts, words and actions have great power – use them wisely.

Today my intention is to dance with the joy of life.
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