Live in a world of wonder

Choose to live in a world filled with wonder.

“I laugh at life (and at myself), and choose not to be offended by anyone or anything.”
~ Louise Hay ~
Life has tremendous meaning if you look at it as a game and don’t take it too seriously. Bring a childlike innocence and simple joy to all that unfolds in your experience and you will learn many, many things.

Everything and everyone is your teacher. There are many lessons and nuances to discover and each is designed in love with the evolution of your consciousness in mind. The more awareness you bring to your experience, the more value you will get from the process.

The playful soul fears nothing. He or she can be authentic and simply accept from unfolds from there. After a lifetime of dreams, challenges, losses, disappointments, successes and transitions, choosing to be childlike and innocent while trusting the processes of awakening is a form of inner mastery. Only then can you become a living flame of awareness.
Today my intention is to look past the illusions created by the mind – the seriousness, judgments and opinions – and allow the love, light and laughter of the Universe to express itself through me. 
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