Your divine purpose

You have a divine purpose and are now called upon to follow your hearts passion. Old souls often feel that they don’t fit in and that can sometimes be challenging; however, that uniqueness is a gift. You’ll find empowerment when you unplug from mass consciousness and release any beliefs, expectations or thoughts that do not support your spiritual journey. It becomes easier to live your truth when you are aligned with your soul’s purpose.
Those who discover their unique way of being in the world are an inspiration for those around them. Old souls teach by example by sharing their gifts. Embrace the challenges that have helped you to discover your strengths and know that you are right where you need to be.
Periodically observe how far you have come on the journey and the growth you have experienced thus far. Each moment contains limitless possibilities and the way is open before you. As your soul awakens, you’ll discover new ways of being aligned with your truth and will respond differently to the events of your life.
Certainly there can be times when the ego gets a foothold and we may temporarily forget our divinity – this too, is part of the human experience and is a vital aspect of developing the art of compassion. By healing ourselves, we learn how to see through one another’s unconsciousness, rise above reactivity and connect soul to soul in the present moment. Never underestimate the power of acceptance and kindness.
Today my intention is to be a loving reflection. Sharing brings me freedom.
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