You make a difference

Each of us plays an integral role in the awakening of collective consciousness

That’s Right! I make a difference

Life expresses itself through us in myriad ways. Some people feel drawn toward invention, creativity or making an impact on the world utilizing their gifts. They create tangible change in the world. Others seem much more quiet as they go about their lives. They find it hard to “fit in” and create a unique experience that provides independence and autonomy.

These quieter beings have an enlightened function – to be frequency holders of consciousness for the planet. By consistently bringing Presence into their experience through meditation, gratitude, positive interactions with others and mindfulness, they bring a sacred quality to life that impacts others in powerful ways.

No matter what you feel your role is, know that it is vitally important. By embracing your passions, you have an opportunity to bring love and light to the present moment. This creates a space in which transformation can occur.

Rather than seeking (and waiting) for perfection in some imagined future, bring awakened consciousness into your experience Now. This embodiment of higher energy is the freedom from suffering that you seek.

Today my intention is to remember that everyone and everything is my teacher.

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