You are right where you need to be

To truly awaken is to experience oneness in the world of difference.

“I relax, and recognize my self worth.”
~Louise Hay~

The path of awakening is an inward journey to truth. Through our experiences we discover hidden aspects of our strength and wisdom. Patterns repeat until they are no longer required, and as we release ourselves from the bondage of self-judgment and criticism, the love, light and laughter of the Universe begins to express itself through us.

Accelerate this process by accepting yourself as you are. Know that you are doing the best you can and as you learn, you will do even better. Do not allow others’ stories to determine your joy. Simply choose to be responsible for your own state of consciousness in the present moment.

“The more we practice with our own struggles and relate to them as our vehicle to awakening, the less we will judge our struggles as defects. Likewise in relationships: the more we can remember that others also have the wish to learn from their struggles, the less we will judge others as defective when we see them caught in their distress.”
~Ezra Bayda~

Today my intention is to grow beyond my family’s limitations and live for myself. It is my turn now.

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