The present moment is your point of power

Loving ourselves creates miracles in our lives.

“The answers within me come to my awareness with ease.”
~Louise Hay~

Everything in your experience is a result of past thinking and beliefs. In this moment you can embrace a new way of being. When you consciously choose thoughts and words that write a new story, new energy will flow into your life.

See this moment as your point of power. There is no need to wait to begin living the life of your dreams. Observe your thoughts right now. Are they leading you toward joy or frustration? The past has no power over you. You can set yourself free from limiting beliefs.

When you love and approve of yourself, you naturally begin to express yourself in healthy and creative ways. Conscious choices will reflect that love and your energy will draw in experiences that match your vibrational frequency.

Notice how thinking, talking, planning or busyness distract you from simply being present to life. In every moment you have a choice: be conscious and utilize the experiences that arise as part of your spiritual growth or retreat into the security of the known. Freedom awaits.

Today my intention is to live in total harmony with my environment.

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