You are loved each step of the way

Love rains down upon you from all dimensions.
That’s right! My good comes from everywhere and everyone and everything

The infinite love of the Divine surrounds us at all times. Although, there are certainly moments when it is easy to feel separate, bewildered or overwhelmed, there it waits, patiently honoring the process of discovery until we are ready to access it once again.

When the light of consciousness shifts your perception, it allows you to recognize the guidance and support that is available, see your infinite potential and trust yourself enough to step into the flow of life.

Awakening is a free will process. We have plenty of room to play here in time and space while exploring all aspects of being human. The spirit seeks to experience the magnificent as well as the mundane and everything in between.

“Those of you who turn your back on this are loved every bit as much as those who accept it… but there is so much more joy of Spirit celebrating those who choose to look in the face of something so difficult only to suddenly find a familiar face looking back…the one they have known forever… a familiar remembered face that smiles in congratulations for a job well done. Then the arms of Spirit are free to support you in full enlightenment for the rest of your days in lesson.”
~ Kryon channeled through Lee Carroll ~

Today, my intention is to be gentle and kind with myself as I grow and change.

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